Please check below for testimonials. Since 2005, I've been fortunate to assist a wide array of clients of all different ages and walks of life. The sessions have been incredibly rewarding for me and of life changing benefit to my clients. My hope is that you will one day be added to this list of satisfied customers.

Fear of Travel

Since starting hypnotherapy with Joe 3 months ago I literally feel like a different person.

When I began having sessions I was feeling so low I didn't know how any kind of therapy could help me. Joe was really positive and a great encouragement and I immediately knew he listened without judgement.

In House Work at Local Company

I worked with Joe Barnes during my time as Sports and Social Coordinator for a well known, established engineering company. I found Joe to be an exceptionally talented young man who was both professional and approachable in his Hypnotherapy work. Good results were met by all clients who received treatments including myself.

Joe's personal approach helped clients to relax and understand the Hypnotherapy treatment.

- Mrs M

Weight Loss

Just clearing our my purse and I saw your business card, so I thought I'd sent you a quick note to let you know how I am getting on.

I hope you remember me and my addiction to chocolate?! Well, after our second session at the beginning of June, I felt a great deal more positive. And since that day I have not touched chocolate!!!

Fear of Heights

I had been skiing at least 7 times before I sought your help in hypnotherapy. Each time I was afraid of heights, could not open my eyes at all whilst on any chair lift or bubble. I would hug the back of any chair lift to secure myself and I was dead scared even when the bar was being lifted, trying to keep hold of it as long as possible. I used more nervous energy worrying, than actual energy skiing because I was so frightened of the heights and piste edges too.

Stop Smoking

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for getting in touch – three months later and I am still going strong!

It is weird; it all seems like a distant memory. It appears I have 'clicked' back into my old self.

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