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My journey into hypnotherapy began as a desperate insomniac. Unable to sleep, I booked a session with a local hypnotherapist in the hope I might gain some relief. Astounded by the results, I was keen to find out more and see how I might use it to help others.

This curiosity led me to train with the internationally renowned Quest Institute, based in Regents College, London. It was here that I learned my craft and after passing the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma and NLP practitioner’s course in 2004, I have been practising ever since.

My personal philosophy when helping clients, and life in general, is that there is a solution to every problem. I don't believe in impossible cases. EVERYONE can be helped and it's amazing just how many of our life issues can be solved by creating a shift in the subconscious. So it doesn't matter whether you've failed 10 times when trying to quit smoking, felt like you've ALWAYS had low self-esteem or have been so consumed by fear that you've never been able to fly, there is a way out of whatever you are going through.

Outside of hypnotherapy, I'm a keen tennis player, have written a book and am a friendly and open person. If you'd like to find out how I can help you then please click the contact tab below.

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Joe Barnes Dip CHyp NLP Practitioner